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Stu Cochrane

Million Dollar Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed

A Knoxville, Tennessee man who was attacked by an Akita has filed a dog attack lawsuit against the animal’s owners. The dog had traveled over six miles when it arrived at the home of Charles Wood, who was playing catch in the yard with his daughter.”The dog just walked up and grabbed my glove first and then went for my hand and it’s all kind of a blur from there.”Wood suffered several puncture…

Chrissie Cole

Woman Awarded $12.2 Million in Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit

A jury awarded a woman over $12.2 million in a slip-and-fall lawsuit after she was not able to return to work after slipping and hitting her head while at a gas station convenience store.In August 2003, the woman was walking into Miller Mart to buy a newspaper and pay for gas when she slipped on a small puddle that was caused by a leaky awning. When she fell, she landed on her chest and chin….

Chrissie Cole

City Toughens Up on Specific Dog Breeds to Prevent Dog Bites

Most people consider dog, man’s best friend, but sometimes they can prove to be man’s not so very good friend. One Iowa community is taking action to secure their city against potentially vicious dog breeds. Other cites have already banned specific dog breeds due to dog bites, dog attacks and even a fatality.Loca is just one of many examples of a normal pit bull that lives in Centerville, Iowa,…